An Introduction to the Scientific and Cultural Context of Scientific Games

Scientists, artists, and game developers all have a rich history of developing, playing, and celebrating games.

But what do we understand about these games as they develop?

What is the cultural context in which they occur?

This series of articles will attempt to answer these questions through a series of questions that are designed to stimulate a deep, and in some cases, even critical, understanding of these games.

The series will examine the history of scientific games, how they were developed, and what it means to understand them scientifically.

This first article will examine scientific games in their historical context and its impact on our understanding of science.

We will examine games developed by scientists, artists and game designers.

We also will examine how the games we play and create influence our understanding and understanding of the scientific culture.

In the next two articles, we will consider the games of artists, including games by professional game designers and video game artists, as well as how the game industry has contributed to our understanding.

This article originally appeared in Scientific American.