Bollywood movies are the biggest hit of the year, says India’s top scientific scholar

NEW DELHI: Bollywood movies, including “Sangam” and “Pulabhav”, have become the biggest hits of the new year, as they have lifted the curtain on the science of the entertainment industry, said India’s leading science scholar, Dr K. R. Sengupta.

Dr Senguptas comments came after the World Economic Forum in Davos (WEEF) said that India was poised to overtake China as the world’s largest economy by 2021.

“I have no doubt that Bollywood, the biggest cultural product, has the potential to influence the entire world.

Its the only one that has the power to change minds and hearts,” he said.

Bhagat Singh, who heads the Department of Media Studies at IIT-Delhi, said Bollywood films had become a “gateway drug” to the sciences, which was the next step.

Sengupta said it was the Bollywood phenomenon that helped the sciences to “see the world as they see it”.

“If you look at the big companies, they all want to do good science and promote science, and Bollywood is the way to do it,” he added.

A recent poll by a research group at the University of Southern California (USC) showed that only 10 per cent of the American public believed that science was an important field of study.

The survey of 2,000 people was conducted in December and found that only 7 per cent believed that scientists were experts and leaders, and only 12 per cent believe that they are respected and influential.

On the other hand, 81 per cent said that they respected and respected scientists, and 82 per cent had a positive view of them.

In a similar survey conducted in 2012, 82 per to 87 per cent thought that scientists should be respected and prominent, but only 58 per cent considered that they were respected and significant.