Boston’s new science museum is a modern science museum

A new Boston science museum aims to make science more accessible, accessible to everyone, and accessible to all at the same time.

The Science Museum of Boston (SMB), which opened on Monday in downtown Boston, is a new museum dedicated to all facets of the scientific community, according to the organization.SMB’s mission statement says it seeks to create a community that welcomes, supports and encourages all forms of scientific research, education and collaboration.

It’s not the first time the SMB has tried to make the science more inclusive, with the museum’s inaugural exhibition, Science in the Mirror, showcasing a series of historical images of the great scientific minds of the past.

The exhibit is a tribute to the work of the American astronomer Carl Sagan, who died in 2014.

In 2017, SMB launched its own “Science in the Media” exhibit that featured videos and articles about science.

The museum is also celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first science-based novel, The Bell Jar.

Smb is seeking funding to build the new museum.

It plans to open a new location in the Boston area in 2019.