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With the summer window in full swing, the transfer market is already getting crowded with a number of big names that could potentially leave the Bianconeri.

As the summer begins to close, we look at what can be predicted in the coming days and weeks, and what could be in store for the next generation of Juventus.1.

Juve may have to sell the same players they brought in to get the transfer done.

While it’s possible that Juventus will sell the players they’ve already signed in the January window, they may not be able to do so for the duration of the season.

If they do, the club may have already had enough money to sign another player.

This means that the new signing may have little chance of being fit enough to make the squad.

It would make sense to sell one or two players in order to add one more, but this may not happen for the entire season.

It’s a bit like selling a lottery ticket.2.

There is a chance that Juve will end up spending more than they have already spent.

Juventino may not have been able to convince the Serie A champions to spend more money this summer, and that may lead to them spending more money than they are actually getting back in the transfer window.3.

Juventus could not afford to keep Pogba for too long.

This is something that has been pointed out before, and it will certainly be true this time around.

The club could spend up to €30m on Pogba in the next three years, but it could also end up paying over €60m to secure him in January.4.

Juventus will look to sell Cristiano Ronaldo for €80m in January 2018.

There has been talk about Juventus selling Ronaldo this summer for over €100m, but that could very well be a bluff.

Ronaldo could easily cost around €80-90m, depending on what other clubs offer and what they pay for him, and Juventus could end up having to sell him to get him.5.

Juventus have been linked with a move for Cristiano by some of the top clubs, and if that happens, it would leave Juventus with very little in the way of Champions League and Europa League money in the summer.6.

Juventus may have made a mistake by signing Cristiano.

The move was a mistake for many reasons, including the fact that the Biancolini were not able to sign him in the window, and he would have been too expensive to sell.

If Juventus had decided to go after Ronaldo, he would not have received the money that they would have gotten from him in that transfer window, but they may have ended up paying more money.7.

Juvistas future could depend on whether they get the best deal for Pogba.

It has been reported that Juventus are willing to pay over €40m for Pogban, but a deal may not even be close to the sum that Pogba would get if he were to join the Biancocelesti.8.

Juventus are likely to lose some key players in the upcoming transfer window because of Pogban’s departure.

Andrea Pirlo and Simone Zaza have been mentioned in the past, but Juve have also been linked to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ibrahim, and there are also doubts about the future of Juventus’ other talented players.9.

The Bianconese may not get their money’s worth if they buy Pogba this summer.

Pirlos and Zaza are both in the final year of their contracts, and the Bianconiese could lose Pogban at the end of the current campaign.10.

If Pogban leaves, Juventus will need to sell two or three players in January to make up for the lost money.

They could easily sell three or four players, but even if they do not, the Bianca will need another player in the short-term in order for the club to keep the Champions League spot.11.

Juventus need to make a big signing this summer if they are to be in the Champions Leagues next season.

The Champions League is still one of the most popular competitions in Europe, and Juve should be able with some money to make sure that they are in contention for a place in the tournament next year.