How to talk about science in a modern scientific culture

Scientists need to get together and talk about the science they do, not just how they do it, a new study has concluded.

In the latest instalment of the Science of Us series, a panel of experts from around the world took a look at how science is used in the public sphere, as well as in everyday life.

The panelists, from the Universities of Exeter and Cardiff, and from the University of Reading and Newcastle Universities were presented with a selection of essays, ranging from books and articles, to online discussion forums and podcasts.

The first section examined how scientific culture is perceived, with the experts presenting their thoughts on the ways in which science can be used to inform and inspire, rather than to dismiss, the idea of alternative explanations.

They concluded that the most significant difference between science and the scientific community is that science is often seen as objective and objective views are often seen in the scientific mainstream as being inimical to scientific inquiry. 

The panel’s recommendations include: