‘I was an idiot’ — Aussie journalist’s harrowing account of being raped by a Japanese scientist

AUSTRALIA has been plunged into a new crisis after a leading journalist was raped in a hotel room in Tokyo.

Key points:Dr John Braben, who is in his 40s, has been described as a “sceptic of the science” and a “bully”The journalist said he was “not sure he was worth the paper he was written on”The rape occurred at a hotel in Tokyo’s Akihabara areaThe journalist is understood to be a respected journalist who is also a science historian and authorThe Australian is unable to identify the hotel or the alleged victim, but sources have confirmed to the ABC the hotel was owned by the Japanese government and he was staying at a suite in a 4-star suite on the third floor of the hotel.

It is understood the victim and his family were staying in the room when the alleged incident occurred.

The hotel has not responded to requests for comment.

Dr Brabengen is a prominent scientist and a member of the Australian Research Council, and he is a popular figure among scientists in Japan.

He is a renowned expert on the evolution of vertebrates and is widely respected as a scientist.

He has also written books including “The Great Evolution”, which was published in 2012.

But his reputation has been tarnished after he was convicted in Japan of raping a Japanese woman at a party in 2013.

Dr John, a PhD candidate at the University of Western Sydney, has also described the alleged rape as a disgrace.

“He was a bully,” he told The Australian.

“I was in my thirties.

I thought that was probably the best time to be in Japan, but it wasn’t.”

The rape happened at a luxury hotel on the outskirts of Tokyo, but the victim’s family and fellow journalists have described it as a horror.

“It was shocking,” Dr Brabens daughter, Emily, told The ABC.

“She was very emotional and scared and she was crying all the time.

I was very upset that she was raped.””

I think she was a little bit scared that her life would be ruined.”

The Australian’s investigation uncovered a “deeply disturbing” culture of bullying in Japan that has left many women feeling “betrayed”.

“The culture of abuse, harassment, and intimidation against scientists and researchers is pervasive and pervasive,” Dr Paul Brabden, the editor of Scientific Edge Culture, told the ABC.

Dr Amato, who works at a Japanese news agency, said Dr Brabus was “a bully” and had used “inappropriate and hurtful language”.

“He would get on my nerves,” he said.

“Sometimes it was to get to know me better, and sometimes it was just to make me feel uncomfortable.

I felt like he was trying to hurt me.””

There were a lot of things he would do that made me feel like he wanted to hurt someone, and then I was like, ‘I don’t want to be hurt, I don’t care if he hurts me or not’.”

Dr Amatos family has been contacted by the ABC, but he said they had been left with no information on how the journalist was affected.

“The Japanese media has made no comment about the rape allegations, or the case.

There is no public response from the Japanese media,” he added.”

There is a culture of fear, bullying and intimidation in Japan and it’s a real shame.”

The incident happened at an event held by the Tokyo Institute for Advanced Study (TAIES), a leading scientific research institute that is funded by the Government of Japan.

In a statement, the institute said: “We do not condone or encourage any form of violence or intimidation against anyone.”

The Japanese government has previously issued a statement condemning the alleged attack.

“In light of the recent events, we condemn the rape of Dr John Brabus, and urge people not to engage in sexual acts with Japanese women,” the statement read.

“We will take all measures to prevent this from happening again.”

A spokesperson for the institute, which is run by the TAIES Foundation, did not immediately respond to requests from The ABC for comment on Dr Brabs case.

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