Why is B.S. in Scientific Culture Definition so important?

Scientific culture is a term used to describe the culture of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as practiced and understood in the United States.The term refers to the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of the discipline, which includes fields such as mathematics, physics, and engineering.Science and technology, however, are not […]

How to be a smart scientist

Scientists and engineers are being taught in schools across the country that the “scientific” profession is dying, a sentiment echoed by many young people who say they want to be science-oriented, rather than merely technical.This week, the National Science Teachers Association launched a new campaign to educate students about the […]

What is a cultural scientist?

A cultural scientist is someone who specializes in understanding the cultural and historical background of the world, using science to explore how cultures interact.A cultural science can provide a unique perspective on how cultures are evolving, or how to understand how people perceive their culture and history.The profession was established […]

Which scientific research is more dangerous?

A new study by researchers at Harvard University, Yale University, and the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that there is no evidence that the use of scientific data as evidence of causality is inherently bad.Rather, the study finds that scientific data is inherently useful.In fact, the authors find that […]

Why are all these scientists on Twitter?

When I first began to dig into the world of science, I was fascinated by the social networks that scientists, researchers, and educators use to interact with the broader scientific community.But over the past couple years, I’ve found myself thinking more deeply about what it means to be a scientist.Science […]

How to use the BOSC app to track your symptoms

Medical News Now title BOSCs latest research study on depression: Results in ‘significant’ news article Medical Times article A study published in the European Journal of Psychiatry in July 2015 concluded that depression is not just a mental disorder but an affective disorder that can be influenced by a number […]

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