How science and culture intersect in the media

Scientific culture knowledge is a crucial part of the medical professional’s education.However, the importance of knowledge and the skills required to obtain and communicate it can vary greatly depending on the particular science or culture involved.The Scientific Community Culture (SCC) Knowledge-Based Literacy Programme aims to improve the understanding of and […]

Scientists say ‘cultural science’ is a dead art

Scientists say “cultural science” is a “dead art.”They say that to do research, a researcher has to make assumptions about cultures, and that assumptions can lead to false conclusions.“People can make assumptions without knowing them, they can’t see the culture, and they don’t know the culture,” said David W. Smith, […]

The new way to be scientific is to read and write

Science is changing.It has changed for the better, according to new research that aims to change how people think about scientific evidence.The research, conducted by the International Journal of Cultural Science, found that people in general are increasingly looking for the scientific method as the best way to interpret and […]

How to Use Science in Your Culture

Scientific literacy is a key component to understanding the way in which science works.It requires a broad range of skills and a wide range of approaches, from experimentation to writing about science to teaching.In this post, I’m going to focus on the latter.To understand this, it helps to first understand […]

Why do you think we’re not all educated in science?

This week’s Science Fair and Science Museum, hosted by The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, is the biggest science fair of the year.It’s hosted by the American Museum of Natural History, with participation by dozens of other institutions.It draws more than 300,000 people and will feature a full-scale exhibit […]

How to read a map

BONDI: You can buy an Irish map for about €3,500 ($3,980) and read it in English in a day, or you can read it on the internet for free.But what if you could print the map and read the text in your language?That’s what the makers of a new map, […]

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