How to understand the scientific culture

Scientific culture is a new and fascinating term that we’re adding to the lexicon.It’s a term that describes a certain cultural attitude toward science that I believe is pervasive throughout most scientific communities.The term scientific culture has a lot of cultural connotations that are similar to the ones that we […]

How do you know if a scientist is scientific?

Scientists are trained to interpret data and report on their findings.But when the results of their work aren’t entirely clear, they are often left to interpret them for themselves.Science has become a kind of science of the mind, an exercise in trying to make sense of data and to decide […]

How scientists can use science to heal cultures

The rise of the “postmodern” has created a new paradigm for the way science is perceived and used by scientists.In a new book, Dr. Daniela Dolan and her co-authors explore how scientists can embrace this new approach and find a way to help their colleagues and their communities.In this episode, […]

When Science Is a Culturist

Science is a culturist.I love it.It is, for the most part, a kind of culturism that is not based in the study of a scientific object but in the worship of an idea, which in this case is a religious cult.Science is not merely a way of making things better.It’s […]

Which science is most important to your life?

Science has always been a major driver of the culture and values of the human species.However, it has also been the site of much contention and disagreement.This is partly because of the ways in which science is practiced and conducted.There is no doubt that science is the most important thing […]

Why you should be scared of your own data

Scientists are now making a big push to understand how humans are learning about and using the world around them.They’re building data-driven algorithms to help the human race solve problems, but how will that data be used?Here’s a look at what’s coming in the near future.

How to talk about your heritage in Ireland

A study published in The Irish Time suggests the cultural connection between Irish people and their roots is rooted in the country’s geography and a deep appreciation of their traditional knowledge.According to the researchers, Irish people have been taught that the Irish people are descended from a very small number […]

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