What the world’s best scientists have to say about the world in 2017

By Caroline WilsonAUSTRALIA’S best-known scientific author is a pioneer in the field of social science, as he has been for decades.

Professor Richard Dawkins, an English professor at the University of Cambridge, has been called the father of the “post-scientific age”, and has long been a prominent figure in his field.

But it is his most recent book, The God Delusion, which has been described as “the most profound and influential work on religion in the last 50 years”.

This week, The New York Times Magazine named him one of the 100 greatest minds in the world.

The title is a reference to the belief that the universe is made up of millions of tiny, self-replicating living beings that have the ability to shape their environment through the actions of the thousands of other, living things around them.

It is a belief that has inspired many people, including some of Australia’s leading scientists, to consider his work as potentially influential on our understanding of the universe.

Dr Dawkins has been asked to comment on the science of religion by the Royal Society, and to answer some of its most frequently asked questions.

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