Why do scientists keep coming back to the ‘golden age’ of science?

The gold age of science was a time when science was seen as an important tool for social justice and progress.

But now, a new report says, it seems we’re back at the start of the ‘Golden Age’ of Science again.

The report from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences says we need to revisit what it means to be a scientist.

It’s an update of the previous report from 2015 that concluded the U:S.

was in a golden age of scientific achievement, with a record number of Nobel Prizes and the largest research infrastructure in the world.

In a nutshell, it said we’re at a crossroads in our understanding of the world and its processes.

Its report says it’s clear that the scientific community needs to get back to that golden age, because we’re in a period of rapid change in how science is used.

It said this is a time for a new paradigm, one that values diversity and inclusion.

Its authors say we need a renewed, bold approach to science.

We need to embrace a new sense of openness to the ways science works, and an openness to new ways of thinking and thinking about the world that have not been part of the dominant view.